We're a small, but scrappy fish in a very large ocean dominated by a handful of titanic multinationals with established generic product portfolios, global distribution, enviable manufacturing scale and seemingly endless marketing coffers. Yep, they have more money than god.

A Clear Mission...

We're tackling a feat many have failed at before: To make it cool for guys to use skincare product and talk about it openly and proudly with other guys.

A Simple Plan...

We've listened carefully, studied diligently and learned patiently from some of the best and most disruptive companies in recent history.

Great companies do one or more of the following extremely well…

| 1 |
Give you a better experience.
Example: Airbnb, Tesla

| 2 |
Save you time.
Example: UBER, Netflix

| 3 |
Save you money.
Example: Warby Parker, Robin Hood

We’ve carefully engineered our value proposition to accomplish all of the above…

Dynamic skin care made for you. Delivered to your bathroom door. For about $2/day


Meet The Geeks

Christian Tapernoux
Founder & CEO

The operations guy. Makes sure everything runs like a Swiss train. Built his operating muscle with leading consumer technology and health & wellness multi-channel retailers. Graduated from CU Boulder (Go Buffs!) and has an MBA from The University of Denver. Die-hard Bayern Munich fan.

Florencio Mazzoldi
Technology Advisor

Tech Jedi. Master of technology strategy and end-to-end digital user experience. Built his tech backbone with software design, digital payment, health care and financial services leaders. He graduated from The Universidad de Buenos Aires and has a Masters of Science in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University. Grills a mean Argentine Parillada.