Just Geeks

We don't really have a super inspirational story to tell, yet. Sorry. We're a group of geeks (technology, dermatology, chemistry & math) who thrive at solving problems using data and technology.

A simple 'best skin care' Google search produces over 67 million results. That's insane! Where do you start? Who do you trust?

Finding the right products for your skin needs is difficult, frustrating, time consuming and expensive. We're out to make that easy, for everyone.

A Hostile Environment

Almost all...

Claim their product is 'amazing'

The vast majority...
Sell 'generic' product.


Simply assume to know what you need.

Very few...

Bother to learn what makes you unique.

Far & few...

Commit to measuring your progress.

Admits their product may not help.



Nothing Beats Knowledge

We live in the digital age yet many systems are still antiquated. Its time for a new navigator with a new map to help be your guide.

We arm you with real-time, data-driven tools to help you make better decisions about your skin health anytime, anywhere. Best of all, you do it on your terms.

Always know your skin situation. Know exactly what your skin needs and what it doesn't need. Objectively track your progress & see how you're doing. If your skin takes a turn for the worse, learn what to do. Refreshing, right?